Treasurer: Brian Corneloues

Brian has been Treasurer of LASER MC for the past 4 years.

Brian is a founder  member of Laser MC and has been treasurer for the last 5 years. Brian’s first powered 2 wheeler was an Excelsior Autocycle in 1952 while working at JAP motors. Four years in the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft engine mechanic was followed by a time making Lotus 7 chassis. Outside working  hours he spent 25 years racing on roller skates 8 years as a sidecar passenger grass track racing and another 25 years time trialling on a push bike (these pastimes overlapped).

During this time he has had a variety of bikes and the last 6 have been Hondas. A 500 Royal Enfield was stripped and rebuilt in the bedroom in his Mums house and had to be ridden down the stairs to get it out. He also spent 7 years restoring a 1955 350RT DKW (but not in a bedroom). Overall number of bikes owned not known but somewhere over 20. Other long term interests are power boats and water skiing.

After buying his first VFR he met Dave through the HUKRC and Honda MAC course, soon after becoming  a member of Laser MC when it arose from the ashes of HUKRC. Since then he has been on numerous trips and as many of the ride-outs that weather allows.